Registration & Booking

For Patient

You can likewise register as an Individual Health Provider / Health Care Organisation, to offer your medical services online using your laptop or computer. Now you can convert your existing medical practice into a virtual practice, and offer seamless care to your patients anyplace, anytime, from anywhere in the world.Yes the days of working from home for doctors are here!

For Doctor

After sending us the registration details we will verify them with the relevant registered authorities and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address which will include the next steps with a checklist, once the registration is complete you can login and fill in the details of the time and date that you are available for consultation on, which will then be made visible to the public after publishing the calendar (please be aware this is a recurring calendar and to make any changes to the already published calendar you will have to log back into your profile.

1 What is telehealth/telemedicine?

Online video consultation anywhere/anytime between:

  • patient + doctor
  • patient+ carer/guardian+ doctor
  • patient+ doctor + specialist doctor
  • patient + allied health consultant e.g. Psychologist, Dentist etc.
2 How does online telehealth appointment work?
  • You can book your appointment with the doctor online using booking calendar.
  • On the day and time of the consult, you will login with your account details and go to the online consult waiting room.
  • Doctor will connect with you online via video, at the time of your appointment.
  • The appointment will be normal like you are seeing the doctor face to face.
  • You will explain your medical condition/share any reports or results with the doctor during the consult by a preferred method of the doctor.
  • The doctor might prescribe some medicines or ask for some more results/tests, these documents can be emailed to your designated email or to the doctors email address or you can login to your account and get a print the prescribed items.
3 How do I find a telehealth doctor?
  • To find and book with a telehealth doctor, you need to register on
  • Once your registration is confirmed you can select the doctor from the list and book with any doctor of your choice depending on the symptoms by simple clicking on the BOOKNOW button and paying the required amount using your credit card/debit etc.
4 How can I get a medical certificate or prescription online?
  • These documents can be emailed to your designated email address or you can login to your account and print them.
5 How can I send my reports/results to the doctor?
  • These can be emailed to the doctor prior to the appointment the email address will be shared by the doctor during the first consultation or after booking the first appointment.
6 Is telehealth safe?
  • Telehealth protocols and duty of care are no different than a face to face consult.
  • However it does help to be cautious, by following these simple steps:
    • a.Please ensure you are not using a public internet/WIFI/cyber cafe connection.
    • b. If you are using someone else’s computer/tablet/mobile, make sure you log out after your consult finishes. You should log out at all times, even if using your own computer/tablet/mobile.
    • c. Also go to your browser history & clear that for extra precaution.
    • d. Lastly never share your password with anyone, and always make sure you verify your identity to the doctor when the consult starts to make sure you are getting the right care.
  • We at take the following precautions to ensure you get a high quality consultation:
    1. We verify all our doctors registration with the Medical Board before they have an approved registration, so you can be sure that you are seeing a genuine qualified Indian doctor.
    2. We use an encrypted online video conferencing software, which doesnt leave a trace of your online consultation anywhere.
7 What are the benefits of telehealth?
  • Telehealth benefits are well documented in the literature, the most common ones
    • Convenience
      • Access care from comfort of your home
      • Anytime, anywhere
      • Stay at home parents/grandparents can consult with doctors online
    • Cost savings
      • No travel costs
      • No need to take leave from work
    • Time savings
      • Reduced travel time
    • Timely access to care
    • One on one time with your doctor/specialist/allied health consultant
8 Are the doctors local?
  • Yes, all doctors and allied health professionals are in India and are fully qualified.
9 What specialties can I book appointment with?
  • At you have access to all medical specialties- GP, Specialists, Allied Health Consultants. You can have a look at specialties in our drop down list on the main page.
10 How can doctor examine me without touching/ checking me?
  • Usually doctors visits are for simple ailments, or follow up visits, which involve explaining how you are feeling and some reports/test results that the doctor will discuss with you.
  • Since is an online video platform, the doctor can see you and if needed can guide you to do certain hand or leg motions. It is therefore very important you use a HD Webcam for your telehealth consults.
  • is a first point of contact with a doctor, if there is a need for the patient to be admitted to a hospital, or to be seen by another specialist, the doctor can refer to someone locally, for a more thorough examination.
11 Who can be present during the online appointment?
  • Please note, the actual consult can only occur between the registered patient and doctor.
  • However for patients needing assistance, or are minors, a nominated guardian must be present during the consult.
  • If you require a second consult, or need to book for 2 members of the family, you will have to book 2 separate appointments.
  • The appointments can be with the same doctor, on same day, provided the doctor has availability, however 2 separate payments will be processed.
  • We have family package options, please contact us if you require assistance with setting up a family profile.
12 Can I book with my regular doctor?
  • Yes, provided your doctor is registered with us on how you are feeling and some reports/test results that the doctor will discuss with you.
13 How long with the telehealth appointment last?
  • Your appointment can run from 5-30mins depending on the doctors availability and time preference. If you need a longer appointment you can book accordingly and make the payment.
1 How do I connect with the doctor online?
  • Please login at least 20 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Make sure your internet & technology is working correctly.
  • You may mute yourself, until the doctor is online.
  • Please treat online consults as a face to face consult, and dont be late.
  • Wear comfortable plain clothing and try to connect with your doctor from a quiet place.
  • Please ensure your mobile phone is on silent and there is no background noise- if you have pets/children please ensure they are being looked after for duration of the consult.
  • Turn off your TV, Radio, Machine etc. to ensure clarity of sound.
  • If using your laptop, please close all other windows and do not open any social media sites to ensure your privacy.
  • Just like a phone conversation, please make sure you speak clearly and wait for the other person to finish talking before you ask your questions.
2 Is the technology secured and private?
  • Yes
3 What equipment do I need to use telehealth online?
  • The primary requirement is broadband Internet. Virtually any computer made in the last 2 years is adequate for video-conferencing. The bottom-line is, if you can conduct a video call to a friend, and find the quality acceptable, you can use our service.
4 What is my computer doesnt work on the consult day?
  • The system will automatically try to reconnect you; if this is not possible, you can type and chat with the doctor, if you are not sure about your computer and equipment please get it checked with your IT technician before the consultation as time of the appointment is valuable for you and the doctor as well. Please see our Terms of Service for details.
  • Or you can use the phone to talk to the doctor and complete your session. You can then book another appointment to follow up.
5 What if I dont have email?
  • Please ask for help from family or friends who can assist you in getting an email address as this will be required for registration and for sending the details and documents.
6 What if I dont have mobile no?
  • In this case please use your email address
7 Who will book my appointment?
  • You can book an appointment with basic computer operating knowledge as our website is very easy to navigate, if not please seek help from family or friends
8 How will I get a confirmation?
  • This information will be sent directly to your registered email address
9 What if I dont have internet?
  • Active internet minimum 2mbps connection is required you can ask your friends and family assist you to connect to a phone hotspot which will allow you to connect to the internet
10 What if my internet doesnt work?
  • You can book an appointment with basic computer operating knowledge as our website is very easy to navigate, if not please seek help from family or friends
11 Will my appointment be recorded online?
  • No we do not record any appointments, and since we are using a web platform, your video consult isnt stored on the patient/doctors computer.
1 How do I register for ?
  • Got to the website
  • If you are a patient click on the patient tab, if you are a doctor click on the doctor tab
  • For Patient- registration is free and you can start your consult by selecting a doctor/specialist from the dropdown list, pay the required fees and start the consult on the desired time and date
  • For Doctor- after sending us the registration details we will verify the with the required registered authorities and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address with the what to do next checklist
  • once the registration is complete you can login and fill the details of the time and date you are available for consultation which will be made visible to the public after publishing (please be aware this is a recurring calendar and to make changes to the already published calendar you will have to log into your profile to make any further changes.
2 Can I attend the appointment from my home or workplace?
  • You can attend the appointment from any secured and private place.
  • Please seek permission before using your office conference room and try and avoid public cafes, unless you are in a quiet spot and using your own internet/computer connection.
3 What is cost of online appointment?
  • Appointment costs are determined by doctors, and are listed on the booking page.
  • There is no cost for registration to website & creating your profile.
4 Can I select a doctor from diff state/city?
  • Yes, if they meet your requirements & have appointments
5 Can I select doctor according to their gender- male or female?
  • Yes, there are many ways you can select your preferred doctor, language, state, city, gender, specialty etc.
  • Please visit the main page or login to your profile to see all options.
6 What if I forgot my password?
  • Please click on the link under the sign in button(forgot password?)
7 What if I am unable to attend the appointment?
  • Please refer to our cancellation policy.
8 What if I am late for the appointment?
  • Late appointments will be treated on case to case basis.
  • If you only have 5 mins remaining, the doctor might see you for 5 mins and ask you to book a new appointment again.
  • You will be charged for your booked slot, unless the doctor decides otherwise.
  • The doctor should infrom and payments will be processed accordingly
9 What if doctor is late for appointment?
  • Doctors are busy, and sometimes are dealing with emergencies.
  • Your patience with this is greatly appreciated.
  • We do understand your appointment will be charged in full if the doctor is running late, in this instance the doctor will infrom and your payment will be processed accordingly.
10 What if doctor cancels appointment?
  • You will receive an Email notification to your registered email indicating this.
  • A full refund will be provided, with ability to rebook the next available appointment with the same or a different doctor.
11 How can I pay for my online appointment?
  • We are linked with a payment gateway which offers you to pay with a variety of payment methods.
12 Can I get a refund if I cancel or fail to attend?
  • If you fail to attend or cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice you may not be eligible for a full refund.
13 Can I call someone to get help?
  • If you have any general questions about how your video consultations will work, please send us an email at least 2-3 days prior to your consult or use the contact us form.
14 Can I cancel appointment if I dont want it anymore?
  • If you cancel your appointment 48 hours before scheduled time, you may be eligible for a full refund.
  • Please send an email to refunds
  • Cancellations within48 & 24 hours notice will not be eligible for a refund.
15 How can I provide feedback on my video consultation?
  • You may send us your comments by completing the contact us form.