Telehealth: Affordable health care

Increasing healthcare cost is top most concerns for everyone. All of us are trying to find a way of affordable and the same time quality health care. Medical insurance premium rates are soaring, you are still left with huge out of pockets costs, as we all know insurance policies don’t cover all health conditions.

Visiting more than one doctor just for consultation or for a second opinion is also a big expense.

So many time specialists are not available in your city, you need to travel to a metro or capital city, or even in some cases abroad, just to know what is the safest and appropriate treatment for you or your loved one. For such instances, where you are trying to access qualified specialist opinions, across highly complex conditions, instead of traveling from one doctor to the next, you can reduce these expenses with the help of virtual visit with the doctor, using an online tele-consult service like Doctor from home.

India is on the brink of a Digital revolution, with systems such as (PayTM, CCAvenue, PayU Money, Mobikwik, FreeCharge, PhonePe etc ). Technology is playing a huge role in making our lives better, at an affordable cost. It also plays an important role in improving access to health care, and reduce rising health care costs.

Online consultations are the way to go, for the ever rising population of our country.  The doctor patient’s ratio in India is 1 doctor for 2000 people. It’s not practically possible for everyone to get a one on one consultation when needed. Video consulting helps fill this gap, not only for patients but even for doctors to see more patients in the same time as an in person visit. The cost of a virtual visit with your doctor is lower than the cost of an in-person consultation, as the tele-consult platform DFH, doesn’t require any investment. With the advancements in use of technology such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, doctors are able to treat anyone, anywhere at any time.

Doctor from home is one of the best online platforms which reduce the gap between doctors and patients by providing them Video Consult with a Doctor Online 24x7 Anyplace Anytime regardless of where you are in India and abroad.

It is just easy as 123.

  1. Search doctor and choose one of them
  2. Book Appointment, schedule time and date,
  3. See a doctor on your laptop screen and ask a doctor.